Celine Dion - Courage World Tour

In concert on 09/1 & 2, 09/05 & 6, 09/09 & 10, 2023 at Paris La Défense Arena

The dates scheduled at Paris La Défense Arena between September 16 and 24, 2022 are rescheduled in September 2023 as follows: 09/1 & 2, 09/5 & 6, 09/9 & 10

Celine will therefore perform in France at Paris La Défense Arena on 09/1 & 2, 09/05 & 6, 09/09 & 10, 2023.

Tickets for the dates concerned (postponements from 2020 and 2021) will of course be valid for the new shows in 2023. If you wish to obtain further information or to know the possible options, those in possession of tickets are invited to contact their point of original sale.

The COURAGE WORLD TOUR, which follows the release of Celine's new English album (6 years since the last), will stop in nearly 100 cities around the world. Among the cities affected by the arrival of the pop music superstar: Prague, Budapest, Munich, Berlin, Stockholm, London, and Paris, among others.

In 2019, Celine Dion released three new tracks from her highly anticipated album, also titled “Courage.”
"Imperfections”, “Lying Down" and “Courage” set the tone for an exciting new creative direction for Celine, and fans will be able to experience the tracks from this new album live throughout the COURAGE WORLD TOUR.

Celine Dion's new album offers an eclectic mix of beautiful ballads and daring titles set to frantic rhythms. Courage (Sony Music) is available worldwide from November 15, 2019.

Useful information

Tickets on sale at the usual approved points of sale:

Paris La Défense Arena 
France Billet

We strongly recommend that you make arrangements to arrive before show start time due to security checks and government measures related to the "Vigipirate" posture which may be in effect on the date of the concert. The performance time varies depending on the places hosting the show. Refer to the time displayed on your tickets.

Where and when?

September 1 & 2, 5 & 6, 9 & 10, 2023 at Paris La Défense Arena
99 Jardins de l'Arche, 92000 Nanterre

Website: http://www.celinedion.com